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Why Signage?

Store front signage are a must in this day and age. We all have seen them everywhere. This is how business stand out of the crowd. There are many types of signage.

Front lit, halo lit, front & halo lit, sign boxes, flush & raceway mounted, push throughs.

Signage Types

Front Lit

Considered the “standard”, Front Lit Channel Letters (Standard) have translucent faces. Neon gas tubes or, more commonly, LED modules are used to illuminate the letters and each letter has an acrylic face and aluminum backing and is self-contained.

Halo Lit

Covered with aluminum to allow light to spill only from the edges and backs of each letter, producing the effect of a dark letter against a lighted backdrop. Letters are mounted so that when illuminated, the light creates a “halo effect” around each letter’s shape.

Front & Halo Lit

Combines both Front and Halo styles, lighting up the front of each letter from within, and also casting a bright light on the backdrop so each letter is dramatically highlighted. The backs of the letters near the mounting surface are transparent so some light creates a background halo.

Sign Boxes

An alternative to channel letters and can be made in any shape, size and design. They can be mounted (on a pole or storefront), non illuminated or illuminated (using fluorescent lamps, neon or, more commonly, LED technology).

Flush & Raceway Mount

Contour-cut signage is cut out along the edge (contour) of a design or pre-determined custom line and typically has little to no border. Flush Mounted Channel Letters are individually mounted to a building façade using holes to mount the letters.

Push Throughs

Takes a basic illuminated sign cabinet and adds dimension by making the letters appear to be pushing through the face of the sign, creating a more popped out look.

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